About ISO

The first thing that one should know about ISO certificate is that, what exactly is it for? International Organisation for Standardization is by far the largest organization whose aim is to develop voluntary international standards. It gives the specifications i.e., the guidelines for the products, services, and practices that basically help in making the industry more efficient and effective. They also assist in eradicating the trade barriers and is developed through a global consensus.

A certification body which is also called as registrar is an organization which issues the certificate and all the strategic decisions are made by the president by the proposals which are made by its members through an annual council meeting. ISO standard is basically an agreement containing the precise guidelines, rules or characteristics so as to assure that the materials, products and the processes totally fit their purposes. The quality management assures that the particular certified company has an appropriate process in order to ensure good quality goods to the customers. It basically aims at customer satisfaction.

The latest recognized standard for the  QMS (Quality Management System) is ISO 9001:2015.

The time which is taken to achieve an ISO certification totally depends upon the time which is taken to complete the certification process. The steps are  –

  1. Apply for ISO 9001 and send the ISO application form to CDG.
  2. Subsequently, it reviews the application it generates a quotation and this quotation cost would include all the cost of certification.
  3. After accepting the quote, it has to be paid subsequently.
  4.  Later the amount is paid, the CDG would send you the ISO audit plan 1 and it would be conducted as plan.
  5. After successful stage 1 and non-conformity, they would send you the stage 2. After its completion, ISO auditor would then recommend a particular certificate for its issuance.
  6. Afterward, the certificate decision is taken up by the CDG and as per its defined procedure.
  7. For a medium-sized firm the time taken is generally between 6-12 months or so but for a larger firm which is due to its complex procedures, it may take much longer time.

Some of the factors that influence quick certification i.e., within 6 months which is rare:-

1. The commitment and the seniority in the management.

2. The standing of the firm by analyzing its audit if they deem fit for the particular certification.

3. The current quality structure.

4. Good documentation.

5. The required skills and the resources

6. The schedule i.e., when does the organization want certification by.

7. The complexity of the design of the products and mainly what matters the most is the quality of the product.

All of the above are the factors that can lower the time to get an ISO certification.

 List of documents required for ISO Certification -:

  1. Pan card of proprietor or company or registration of firm.
  2. The registration documents.
  3. A declaration on the letter about the activity with an authorized signature and a  stamp.
  4. The issue invoice and the two copies of the invoice sales or service.
  5. Invoice received and two copies of each.
  6. Certificate of incorporation

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