About BIS

BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards which is a national body working under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution under The Government of India. It came into effect on 23rd December 1986. It was formerly called as Indian Standards Institute which was set up on 3rd September 1946 which was registered under the society registration act, 1860.

International Organisation for Standardization is by far the largest organization which develop voluntary international standards. It gives the specifications i.e., guidelines for the products, services, and practices that basically help in making the industry more efficient and effective as well. They assist in eradicating the trade barriers and is developed through a global consensus.

It is a corporate body having 25 members derived from the state and the central government, institutes, and other organizations having its headquarter at Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata and 21 other branch offices. BIS is basically the founder member of the International Standards Organisation. It had a major hand in the formulation, recognition, and promotion of the ISO standards. As on 31st August 2013, 19067 standards have been in force. It covers the essential portions of the Indian Economy thus acting as a surety to maintain international standards. It has 14 sectors which are essential to the Indian industry just to oversee and supervise the work and has 8 laboratories to check the product for its chemical, food, and mechanical disciplines. Every year almost 25000 samples are tested in such laboratories.

Role in ISO 9000

A certification body which is also called as registrar is an organization which issues a certificate and all the strategic decisions are made by the president by the proposals made by its members through an annual council meeting.ISO standard is basically an agreement containing the precise guidelines, rules or characteristics so as to assure that the materials, products and the processes totally fit their purposes. The quality management assures that the particular certified company has appropriate processes to ensure good quality goods to the customers. It basically aims at customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9000 series is one of the most recognized standards for which the BIS has to be given credit for. The quality requirements for IS/ISO 9001 are:-

  • Fulfill the customer’s quality expectations
  • Provide the regulatory requirements.
  • To enhance the customer’s satisfaction
  • Achieve continual improvement of its performance based on its objectives.

The ISO standard is such an influential standard that it is used as a basic requirement when the industries want to add certain requirements thus creating own industry standards. The ISO 9001 also helps in providing a foundation thus creating management standards.

It is pretty much the same in almost every area be its aerospace industry, environmental industry, medical industry, food, and safety or automotive industry etc.

It creates a global census creating a quality management system as a platform for all the industries and the working of the system is pretty much the same in all areas.

BIS has adopted the IS/ISO 9000 standards and has even numbered them as 9000:2000,  IS/ISO 9004:2000. They are the exact replicas of the ISO standards.

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