ISO refers to the  International Organization for Standardization. Here, we would discuss ISO 10012 Certification.

ISO helps to make sure that the quality of the products, products themselves, plus their services can be trusted because they’re safe. Did you know that ISO has its own 21000 International Standards? Well, it does.

And did you know about ISO ‘s technical committee?

The panel of experts that are present on the technical committee develop the ISO standards. They make drafts first and then the votes and comments are given by all the members that are shareholders or consumer associations etc. After proper analysis of the draft, if all the members agree on it, then only it becomes an official ISO standard.

The members of the committee can be consumer associations, various NGOs or the Govt itself. This means the experts are from different parts of the world!

The consumer groups request the standards to be taken into consideration and then the idea becomes the draft, all the views from different shareholders and other experts are analyzed to make the standard finally develop.


It refers to the measurement management system. This ISO’s standard which specifies quality management requirements of a Measurement Management System which are generally used by different companies that perform management in their overall routine. It also provides metrological confirmation that measures the equipment which is used in supporting and the demonstrating compliance.

ISO 10012:2003 specifies the generic requirements and it also provides guidance for the management of measurement processes and the metrological confirmation of measuring the equipment which is used to support and to demonstrate compliance with the metrological requirements. It also specifies the quality management requirements of a measurement management system that it can be used by an organization performing the measurements as a  part of the overall management system, and also to ensure that the metrological requirements are met.

ISO 10012:2003 is not intended to be used as a requisite for demonstrating of conformance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or any other standard. The Interested parties can thus agree to use ISO 10012:2003 as an input for satisfying the measurement management system requirements in the certification activities. Other standards and guides also exist for some particular elements affecting the measurement results, for example, details of the methods for measurement, the competence of personnel, and also interlaboratory comparisons.

What is Metrological Compliance?

When the measuring equipment fits for the intended purposes it is called metrological confirmation.

What is Calibration?

An operator that engraves a strong relationship between quality values with measurement uncertainties is called calibration!

From deciding to work on a new draft to supporting all the content technically, ISO stops to nothing to provide better facilities for the organizations in different parts of the world. Be it by providing all the standards, establishing better norms and diversifying the market and organizational growth! ISO provided the companies accurate standards so that a company would carve out better from its raw form.

As Martin Denison Managing Director
Austria said, “Without standards, I would have had to close down. Not taking part in standardization would have cost me and my livelihood….”

ISO certification proved that the process of standardization is a must and is considered as an important part of the society.

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