No one wants a sudden dip in the business empire which he/she has established from so long. So, having an ISO 22000 Certification online indeed can be a lure for the consumers and is impactful to the much extent in undertaking various foodborne hazards that have been entering the supply chain due to various natural and manmade factors. In this article, we will let you know about the ISO 22000 paperless work.

However, the food safety experts in the recent scenario perceived that some newfangled perils to food and health safety have come up and have alarmed the general public. These are in the form of pathogenic infections owing to unhygienic surroundings. The FBOs (Food Business operators) have been unable in combating these new and complex threats in the food processing industry. Besides, in order to do away with such new risks to food safety management, the International organization for standardization has introduced the latest edition of the food safety benchmark i.e the ISO 22000:2018.

 What makes the new version of this certification truly avant-garde apart from the aspect of risk management, is ISO 22000 paperless work inspection management compatibility. If you want further information regarding the types of ISO certification or International standardization or more then must follow our blog.

What are the new features of ISO 22000:2018 introduced?

Following are the recently phased aspects that are completely unprecedented :

  • Risk-based approach
  • More compatibility with other ISO standards
  • Higher recognition
  • Compatibility with the Digital surveillance system

How is ISO 22000:2018 more compatible with other ISO standards?

No doubt, the latest version of ISO 22000 certification online laid down the stress on High-level Structure as well as increase the importance of ISO Certification. And the aspect of the High-level structure is common to the chief ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 20000. This makes it easier for the organization to combine ISO 22000 with all these management systems.

How does the new version of ISO certification 22000 ensure better QMS?

Following are the various strategies of quality management system :

  • PDCA (Plan, Do Check, Act) Cycles,
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points),
  • HARPC (Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls) and
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats) analysis.

This enhances the QMS more conducive.

What makes ISO 22000:2018 more compatible with paperless inspection management?

The updated version of ISO 22000 works best with a paperless inspection management system. Following are the reason what makes ISO 22000:2018 more compatible with paperless inspection management:

  • As far as a matter of fact, it is now quite easier to upgrade this new version of ISO certification over-the-air. Inculcating updates from earlier regulations or installing new guidelines is now quite easy with smartphones via digital surveillance applications.
  • A simple smartphone or a tab used for inspection, audits and QMS assurance can be updated easily via WI-FI with new material.
  • Apart from this, the reference material and important notes can be instantly provided to internal and external auditors.

How does ISO 22000: 2018 ensure easy digital compliance?

The upgraded ISO certification for food safety made the compliance the more easy and hassle-free. Following are the points that ensure easy digital compliance:

  • As a matter of fact, the documents can be manually sent to concerned parties through wi-fi and can be automatically shared with the right people.
  • The same applies to the surveillance stage. Inspectors and auditors can use customized triggers that react specifically to ISO standards.

Important note:

ISO 22000 standard is generally conferred to those preferential FBOs who possess a valid food license. In this regard, FSSAI Registration is much helpful in easily obtaining the ISO certification for food safety.

What are the benefits of ISO 22000 paperless work inspection?

Following are the benefits of ISO 22000 paperless work inspection:

  1. Easy compliance: It is very easy to update the new benchmark or introducing ISO 22000:2018 for the first time with the paperless inspection management system. It is all about opening files on a computerized network.
  2. Easy modifications: The organizations can now get easily informed regarding corrective actions from the accreditation bodies. These could be suggested instantly as well as implemented.
  3. Eco-friendly aspect: No wonder the paperless inspection management system makes helps in cutting back paper consumption on account of the conventional documentation process. This helps you fulfill the key objective of ISO 14001.

It’s now time to switch to the all-new ISO 22000 paperless work management system with all these benefits of paperless inspection.

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