ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a global confederation of the national standards organizations (ISO member bodies). The work of planning the International Standards is typically helped out through ISO specialized councils. Every member body is thus inspired by a subject for whom a specialized panel has been set up who have the privilege to be spoken to on that board. International associations, legislative and non-administrative, who are in connection with ISO, likewise partake in the work. ISO Certificate works intimately with the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) on all the matters related to electrotechnical institutionalization.

ISO 2768 comprises of the accompanying parts, under the general title General tolerances:

  • Part 1: Tolerances for an angular and the linear measurements without indication of individual tolerance.
  • Part 2: Geometrical tolerances for elements without indication of individual tolerance.

This portion of ISO 2768 is proposed to streamline drawing indications and it determines general tolerances for angular and linear measurements without indication of individual tolerance in four classes of tolerance.

It applies to the measurements of parts that are created by metal evacuation or parts that are framed from sheet metal. However, these tolerances might be reasonable for use with materials other than metal.

This portion of ISO 2768 applies to the accompanying measurements which don’t have an indication of individual tolerance:

  1. linear measurements (e.g. outer sizes, interior sizes, step sizes, breadths, radii, diameters, separations, etc.);
  2. Angular measurements, including precise measurements which are  ordinarily not demonstrated, e.g. right angles (90°), unless reference to ISO 2768-2 is made, or points of uniform polygons;
  3. Angular and linear measurements that are created by machining collected parts.
  4. It doesn’t make a difference for the accompanying measurements of dimensions of Angular and linear which are secured by the reference to different benchmarks on general tolerances.

Tolerances for linear measurements –

ISO 2768-1

Limit measurements for chamfer height and radius of curvature –

ISO 2768-1

Angular measurements-

ISO 2768-1

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