ISO Certification Procedure

The process of certification differs according to the companies and the standards being applied for. However, there are roughly 4 main stages of the ISO certification process:

  • Write Documentation:
    A written quality manual, written procedures and filing a form are one of the first few things you have to compose. These documents need to meet the requirements of the ISO quality standard and meet your own company’s vision. The documents must mention what you do, how you do and provide proof for the same.
  • Training:                                                                                                                                           The whole staff needs to undergo training according to their role in the organization.
  • Practicing your quality system:                                                                                               You have to implement and along the way, make changes in your daily operations. Records need to be kept in accordance with the new quality management system. This practice should make you and your staff ready for the registration audit. Auditors can remark on problems as ‘non-conformance’s’. If the non-conformance is major then your organization will not be certified to the ISO standard. If the non-conformance’s are minor then, they may or may not prevent your certification depending on the degree of nonconformity.
  • Audit:                                                                                                                                                 The number of auditors needed and the amount of time required to carry out the auditing process differs based on the size and operation of the company. The auditors will examine your records and may talk with your staff  so make sure your records are properly kept and your staff is well-trained.     

Documents required:

Legal documents of organisation

PAN card of Proprietor/ Registration of firm

Declaration of Proprietor on letterhead with authorised signatures and stamp.

Partnership deed of Firm/ Firm PAN Card

Incorporation certificate/ Company PAN card/ Sales or service tax documents/ Incorporation certificate


Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get ISO certified?

ISO itself, does not issue any certificates. This task is performed by external certification bodies. Thus, start out by searching for certification bodies.

How much do ISO certificates cost?

ISO certification costs differ based on the size of the company and the level of its operations and proceedings.  There are also audit costs in some cases.

What ISO standards do I need?

The most commonly used standard is ISO  9001 since it is the standard that most other standards are derived from. It focuses on customer satisfaction through a standard quality of products.

How does ISO registration differ from ISO certification?

ISO certification is a written document issued by an independent auditing body that has audited you quality management system and ensured that it meets the requirements of the ISO standard, while ISO registration implies that your certification has been recorded and registered, with the auditing body.

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