Of course, it is a well-known fact that the progress of any nation is judged largely on the basis of its urban development. The quality of life of the citizens who reside in the city depends upon the basic amenities, posh housing facilities, and style of administration determine the quality of life of the citizens who reside in a city. The entire nation is aware of about the sustainable urban development which is a primary goal of the government. Smart City Mission is an example of such a Mission. Actually, the reality is that utter lack of transparency in the administration of various cities has posed a bottleneck to smooth progress towards this direction. This article is based on smart city development through ISO certification. If you want any further information regarding the International standardization or Procedure of ISO certification or more then must follow our blog.

By noticing the current challenges, the municipal bodies in 5 Indian cities,  viz. Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, and Vijayawada have considered the need for an ISO certification for standardization of urban data. Recently, 5 cities that are mentioned above have been broadcasted as on the way to acquire the ISO 37120:2014, which is for advancement in these cities. Very soon the cities like Jamshedpur, Pune, and Surat will join the fray. This describes the importance of ISO certification in India. Here are the key points that will enlighten you about the significance of global standardization for the smart city development through ISO certification:

What does ISO 37120:2014 stand for?

The types of ISO certification explains and sets methodologies for a set of benchmarks for determining and computing the level of urban development and quality of life in a city. With parallel to this, this certification tends to work in sync with other model strategies frameworks for urban growth such as sustainable economic development in communities, Management systems, energy efficiency, and other general principles and requirements.

Why has the mission begun from these cities?

Most importantly, a majority of these cities happen to be on the list of the smart city initiatives of the central government. The decision to embark on the path of a much needed ISO certification In India for standardization of administration data comes as a remarkable way to proceed in this way.

ISO 37120 certification

ISO 37120 certification

What will be the core aspects considered in this mission?

The municipal corporations have decided to touch the integral aspects of healthcare, quality of education, law and order for combating violence and the extent of pollution in cities.

Which city among these is the most likely to get ISO 37120 certificate? 

According to the current data, the city that is most advanced and much likely to get the first ISO 37120:2014 in Ahmedabad, followed by Pune and Surat. The two main aspects that make them fit for the ISO registration are:

  • High degree of transparency
  • Public involvement

What is the current strategy for ensuring transparency in city administration?

The urban government has also decided to adopt a fast-track mechanism wherein they will appoint a data officer and run an open data website. Currently, Pune and Surat are the only two cities that have launched such open data websites.

What is the scope of the success of smart city development through ISO certification?

The smart city development through ISO certification can truly yield the desired results, if the efforts are religiously steered in the right direction. Besides, the elaborate data from e-governance initiatives of the past 15 years or so have revealed that unless citizens are themselves proactively engaged in the efforts using this data, even high budgets allocated on that basis, will not yield much impact.


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