Undoubtedly, The first and foremost aim behind procedure of ISO certification is attaining a desirable level of conformity with the global quality benchmarks and continuous sustenance of the same throughout the business journey. To grow the desirable and sustainable business, there is a need to conform to various ISO standards of which ISO 9001 certification is of prime importance, as it comprehensively elaborates the central aspect of client satisfaction. In the bustling 21st century, in which environment deterioration is becoming a dire issue, the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 have also become the need. Thus, it is extremely imperative for every organization in today’s era. These benchmarks to much extent indirectly address the goal of quality efficiency through sustainable and economic means. This article is based on how the various ISO interrelationships in the integrated growth of an organization. If you are seeking further information about an International Standards or register ISO online then must follow our blog. Let’s go on details.

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How does ISO 50001 differ from ISO 9001 and ISO 14000?

ISO 50001 Specifies the energy management standard, specifically on an organization’s ability to manage their energy sources and energy use. ISO 14001 specifies the environmental management system standard that focuses on the environmental media the organization can affect. It includes the energy topics but does not prescribe detailed specifications for an energy management system. ISO 9001 specifies the quality management standard focuses on the customer and the needs of the customer. Overall, these management systems together allow an organization to manage their business more strategically. ISO 50001 can be used in conjunction with other ISO Management standards just to help identify further opportunities for energy savings or as a stand-alone management system standard for an organization that is concerned about energy costs.

How are various ISO interrelationships maintained?

The various ISO interrelationships are maintained because they are connected to each other in several ways. On considering the term sustainability, all the aspects such as quality management, environment, and energy management are interconnected. Of course, it is evident that environment-friendly and energy efficient practices in production and operation generally yield optimal productivity at much lower operational costs. It is a universal fact that fuels can no longer the hyperinflation which can never come down. Hence, holistic energy inputs will definitely help the manufacturers to deliver the best quality of goods and services at the least prices. It can ultimately boost client satisfaction which is the end goal of ISO 9001 certification.

Why is there need to integrate ISO 9001,14001 and ISO 50001?

An entrepreneur might choose to focus on one aspect over all others as per the goals, aspirations, and resources of an organization. However, the scenario is under constant modification, and it calls for the integration of all management systems of organization that includes key aspects viz. quality management, environment, and energy management despite occupational health and safety, food security and many others. To actualize the advantages of integrated growth is actually commendable together attaining ISO 9001 certificate, ISO 14001 and ISO certification 50001. These various ISO interrelationships are necessary for the integrated growth of an organization.

How to achieve the goal of holistic growth in an integrated manner?

Actually, a conventional environment management system may not address the goal of energy efficiency and may not lay out clear insight on how an organization must utilize energy such that it leaves the minimal adverse impact on the environment. So, if an organization strives towards energy efficiency alongside environmental management then it will be able to strike a perfect balance between the two. However, it may involve higher initial costs but can yield eternal benefits. A wise entrepreneur must not trend to evade such initial cost.

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