In the scenario of cut-throat competition in the marketing process, an ISO certification is crucial for the proper implementation of a formal Quality Management system in any organization. If we talk about the past few decades, a significant surge has been noticed in the propensity towards global quality accreditation. This steady upward trend owes to the considerable rise in consumer awareness to much extent. In today’s scenarios, buyers are becoming cautious regarding the genuineness and safety of the product or service before making a buying decision. This article is based on the Challenges for ISO certification.

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There are certain noteworthy insights that reveal the alarming status quo of the global market for ISO certification. Moreover, a constant negative trend in the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) has been traced. In 2017, the worldwide statistical agencies have pegged the global market of ISO certification services at US$ 11.8 billion and have already predicted that this would soon plunge down to US$ 2.8 billion by the year 2025. Following are the Challenges for ISO certification:

Why is the global market for ISO certificate services diminishing?

There are several aspects that help to govern this market. Equilibrium should be maintained for an optimal growth trend. Over the past few years, a boom in re-certifications and renewals of ISO Certification has been noticed, which is not in line with the new ISO registration.

What does it imply?

It implies that there is still utter of lack of awareness among the manufacturers of goods and services. There is no doubt that the entrepreneurs who are already ISO certified undergo frequent renewals and re-certifications, many others are still lagging behind and fail to go for an ISO certificate.

How are the market trends responsible for this downtrend?

The fact can not be changed that there has been a tremendous shift due to the constant technological advancement in recent years. Almost every day, we come across numerous variants in a single product line. The burgeoning technological advancement definitely implies plenty of nonstandard goods. One thing should be noted that the pace of issuing ISO certificate must go hand in hand with the technological upgrades. Otherwise one has to face the other Challenges for ISO certification.

What are other Challenges for ISO certification?

One of the root cause behind the negative growth of the ISO is the involvement of myths among the market players regarding quality management.

What are the common myths regarding ISO certification?

Following are the top 5 Myths regarding ISO certification:

  1. Excess theory: The market players often tend to emphasize theory than practical implementation. The most important thing that should be kept in mind is the due implementation of a QMS adds real value to an organization.
  2. Mere documentation: It has been seen in many cases that companies tend to focus too much on documentation and criteria for ISO 9001 certification, sometimes at the cost of their normal operation. This further impedes the implementation of the ISO certification process. Being a wise manager, one should include only the most crucial documentation and at the right time.
  3. Lack of flexibility: It has been said that too much rigidity also impedes implementation and improvement and in the case of technological upgrading this has been noticed. Most importantly, customer preferences are constantly changing. Thus, the QMS must also evolve accordingly.
  4. Lack of attention to the consumers: It happens when in an attempt to reach the desired QMS level, the manufacturers tend to ignore customer preferences. One must not forget that customer satisfaction is the basis of achievement of a QMS to attain ISO certification.
  5. Excess Competition: In most of the cases, the competitive spirit in some organization goes overboard. Sometimes, this reduces motivation. Instead, they must focus on client satisfaction. An organization can rule out all challenges to smooth ISO certificate by doing away with the aforesaid myths.


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