The international organization for standardization had brought into effect the ISO 50001 certification Online with the aim to instil and foster the consciousness towards sustainable development among the worldwide business community. It is one of the types of ISO. The introduction of ISO 50001 came into existence on 15th June 2011 that advocates a formalized ISO certification procedure for excellence in systematic energy management and promoting energy efficiency among all organizations. ISO has recently introduced its 2nd edition-the-all-new ISO 50001:2018 in a bid to widen the scope of the management system standard and to integrate it with other ISO standards on a broad extent. This article is based on the latest changes in ISO 50001. Further, if you want any information regarding an importance of ISO or more then must follow our blog.

What is the significance of ISO 50001?

The ISO 50001 is crucial to support the organizations with a structuralized agenda for integration and implementation of different energy efficiency measures throughout the management practices of an organization. Some more significance is:

  • The ISO certification 50001 acts as a single synchronized standard for energy efficiency among the global business concerns.
  • All institutions can work en masse towards the global drive of energy conservation through a consolidated methodology for implementation of energy efficiency practices.

How is ISO 50001:2018 different from ISO 50001:2011?

The main thing which distinguishes the recent version of ISO 50001 from its 2011 edition is the adoption of the central aspect of the High-Level Structure (HLS). It is common to almost all ISO standards including ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001.

ISO 50001:2018 will follow the same pattern as other widely acclaimed ISO standards like the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since it functions according to an HLS. This will be going to ensure integration with those prominent management system standards.

What latest changes in ISO 50001 have been made regarding energy efficiency?

Following are the latest changes in ISO 50001 that have been made related to energy efficiency:

  • The wider context of the organization: For the new edition, the organization has to ascertain external and internal factors that affect their ability to attain the desired outcomes of an energy management system (EnMS) and enhancing energy management. This can also be called a “High-level analysis” of factors affecting an organization’s EnMS.
  • Top-management commitment: The new standard lays further emphasis on the involvement of the Top-level management in the enhancement of the EnMS.
  • Focus on energy proficiency: latest changes in ISO 50001 also emphasizes boosting proficiency of the organization. Now, the new benchmark needs an organization to assess the competence of individuals vis-a-vis their work which can affect the EnMS. So, the effectiveness of measures implemented is to be evaluated.

What does ISO 50001:2018 tell about management of opportunities and threats?

The new version of the EnMS standard stresses to determine the risks (threats) and opportunities that may impact the EnMS and to take the required action. Following are some more details:

  1. An organization can foresee the prospective consequences on tracing the risks and opportunities so that adverse effects can be done away with before they arrive.
  2. Same in that manner, favorable conditions that could result in potential benefits can also be identified.
  3. This technique is actually the part of SWOT analysis and in ISO 50001:2018 so it is referred to as “Energy review”.

What is the time granted for the transition to ISO 50001:2018?

The transition from ISO 50001: 2011 to ISO 50001:2018 is confirmed by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and its deadline is 3 years from the launching of the new version.

Hence, considering the latest changes in ISO 150001, its high time to begin the preparations for the transition right now, as to ensure a smooth ISO certification process.

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